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About Me

Shari Tree

Hi, I am Shari Czar, the Get it Done Mentor, who helps you identify your ideal clients and gain clarity on your message so you can monetize the message and increase your bottom line. Applying my 25+ years of experience in business and online marketing, I provide insights into how you can scale your business to attract and serve more clients effectively.

We are all busy, and I understand the stresses and time constraints people face in meeting the demands of work, family, home and just life! I understand, because I too experienced it. Early in my career I was driven to identify and learn techniques to balance the stress of my job and everyday life. That is why I also incorporate my background in stress-reduction to integrate techniques you can implement in your busy life so you feel more energized, happy and productive.

As a Senior Leader in the IT world, I coached my teams on the business skills necessary to have clarity, courage and the expertise to drive success while creating the environment for growth, risk- taking and fun.

I built and led successful teams across North America, meeting and surpassing aggressive financial targets, business goals and driving high customer satisfaction while also maintaining high employee satisfaction. That is something I am very proud of. I demonstrated that in creating a positive, healthy work environment employees would be enthusiastic, motivated and creative in reaching for their goals.

I then began to see how I could serve so many more people sharing both my business and stress management skills. That led to the birth of my company Infinite Heart Space.

My Passion


I love to pull together my experience in business, online marketing, personal development and stress reduction. I have always been driven to share ideas, concepts and more to help others move forward in their lives. What I learn, I am driven to share. It brings me great pleasure to see individuals make progress and it brings me even greater joy to see them recognize it in themselves.

What I Do


I mentor already successful, productive individuals, techniques to elevate themselves to higher levels of performance. Through gaining clarity, confidence and expertise they magnify their own success while being driven to keep motivated and balancing it all by learning stress prevention and management techniques that can be woven in throughout the day. In applying these skills, individuals see impactful changes in both their business and personal lives.

I love the moment when someone I am working with has the recognition in themselves that something I guided them to has made a difference. Whether the ability to approach a difficult conversation, influence others, a practice of focus, or how to relax in a difficult situation, when they see the shift and how powerful a small change can be, I share in the joy that they feel.

How I Do It

The Business Leader Mastermind & Group Coaching
I know being part of a group that is collaborative, supportive, and holds you accountable to working towards your goals, is crucial to reaching levels you never expected and growing your success. That is why I created The Business Leader Mastermind. In this private group you gain the clarity, confidence and expertise to magnify your success in your business and personal life. Finding a community of people that provides a nurturing and safe environment where you can share your fears and challenges; gain support to work through them; collaborate on ideas; and celebrate your successes, can be a game changer in your business. If you are driven and want to heighten and achieve your goals, energy, productivity and joy, this Mastermind will set you on the path.

Private Coaching
Working with already successful, productive individuals, I coach techniques to elevate to a higher level of performance both inside and outside the business. Together we identify limiting behaviors that are holding you back from being the best you can be, and introduce actions to advance goal setting; time and priority management; effective communication; leadership; techniques to manage stress and more. Together, we identify achievable steps to quickly increase personal success and positively impact those around you.

Speaking & Group Workshops
I love the excitement and energy of speaking and working with groups. Whether speaking to large groups, or leading small group sessions, I can bring clarity on what you can do to amplify the success of your business through nurturing your prospects and clients; differentiating yourself in a busy market; addressing constant change in the workplace and more. In each of my events we explore the areas together so you walk out with immediate actions you can take.

Online Courses
Ready to tackle learning new things, but need to do it on your own time? I have created online courses to let you set your own pace and weave learning into when you have availability. Through videos, audio, worksheets and more, these online courses provide you the knowledge wherever you are, and whenever is convenient for you.

Yoga Classes
Leading yoga classes is where I got me start in bringing relaxation to others. Whether you are a beginner and don’t know your Downward Facing Dog from your Warrior, or you have been practicing for years, my classes offer safe space to learn, explore and grow your practice.

Blogs & Vlogs
Catch my insights, challenges and humor in my weekly blog and vlog where I might provoke a thought or conversation, or inspire how to approach things in a different way. If you are not subscribed to my blog be sure to subscribe today.

eBook & Guided Meditation CD
If you would like to have a guide to various relaxation techniques you can read my eBook, “How to Reduce Stress in as Little as Sixty-Seconds”. If you would prefer to have me guide you into deep relaxation when it is convenient for you, listen to my Guided Meditation CD where you can be swept away to the ocean, a fire dance or relax with all the elements.

How I Got Here


For over twenty years I worked full-time in technology. I worked long hours, there were daily challenges and I was often on the road. Early in my career due to a health wake-up-call, I was introduced to yoga. I found it helped me to deal with the daily stresses.

In 2000, I decided to take a leave-of-absence from my job and get certified as a yoga instructor. When I returned as a Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) I went back to my job and began teaching yoga as a hobby. This allowed me the first opportunity to share the gift of yoga with others, while I grew in my IT career.

As my career continued and I began travelling more for work, I wanted to find additional tools to relax that I could use when I didn’t have time for a full yoga class. I trained in various areas and created my toolbox of techniques.

In 2013, I decided to marry my skills from both the business world and the stress reduction. That is where Infinite Heart Space began. The coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, classes and other methods became my focus as I sought to serve others in teaching them how to improve their business and their life to be healthier, happier and more relaxed, living lives filled with infinite possibilities.

My Family & Hobbies


I live in New Jersey with my husband Stephen and dog Tyler. Together we love to spend time outdoors in nature. Whether it is walking along the canal, sitting in the grass or watching the birds, being outside is where we are all in our element.

A favorite place for us are the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. In the summer, Tyler, Stephen and I try to spend time exploring the area and enjoying the mountain surroundings.

My days are spent enjoying life and constantly learning. I believe learning helps to keep us moving forward and there is so much to learn in any category that interests you.

My Contact Info

I hope this gave some insight into who I am and how we can work together. For more information or to reach out me please see below.

You can contact me through my webpage or through email at You can follow me on Facebook at .